Short & Brief

© Sina Tok (Zurich)
© Sina Tok (Zurich)

Born in Vienna, Austria,

on the 7th of July 1975

Education: University of Amsterdam, University of Vienna, University for Jewish Studies Heidelberg and University of Heidelberg
Main fields of Study: Cultural Anthroplogy, Jewish Studies, Semitic Linguistics

Intensive Course Modellista at Istituto di Moda Burgo, Milano, Italy

Schreibwerkstatt with Robert Schindel Horn, Austria

Main fields of Academic Interest: Hebrew & Aramaic Linguistics, Jewish Philosophy & Kabbala, Neo-Aramaic Dialects & their History and Culture, Biblical Scholarship & Rabbinic Commentaries, Mathematic Mysticism & Number Mysticism

Fields of General Interest: Presentation in art, culture and science of Jews and Judaism; History of Art, Minority Groups, their Language, Culture & Political Situation; Modern Art: Theatre, Photography, Painting, Literature, Music & Performance; History & Diversity of Halakha & its Interpretation, History & Connection of European Languages


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Language Skills:

Modern: German (M), English (E), Dutch (E), Hebrew (C), French (P) and Analyzing Jewish-Neo-Aramaic
Classic: Latin, Old Hebrew (till Middle Ages, also MSS), Aramaic: Old Syriac, Jewish Babylonian & Palestinian Aramaic. [Hebrew and Aramaic also with linguistic analysis]

Others & literature
I do like to paint & draw, take pictures, design shoes, clothes and accessoires, write poems some of the latter were already published: First publishing of lyrics in the anthology “Neue Literatur – Anthologie im Frühjahr 2008”, August von Goethe – Publishing House, Frankfurt a.M., Germany; Publishing in „Jahrbuch für das Neue Gedicht“ of Frankfurter Bibliothek der Brentano-Gesellschaft, Frankfurt a.M. 2008, Publishing in „Tempevölgy: Kultúra – Művészet – Tudomány“, June 2009, Balatonfüred, Hungary (Hungarian Translation by  Géza Szőcs ), my own book 'Weder Ort, noch Stein', Berger Verlag Wien-Horn, 2011; and more in 'Bibliothek deutschsprachiger Gedichte - Ausgewählte Werke XV', Gräfling, 2012, and  'Frankfurter Bibliothek des zeitgenössoschen Gedichts', 

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