Short & Brief

Born in Vienna, Austria,

on July 7th 1975

Education: University of Amsterdam, University of Vienna, University for Jewish Studies Heidelberg and University of Heidelberg
Main fields of Study: Cultural Anthroplogy, Jewish Studies, Semitic Linguistics

Intensive Course Modellista at Istituto di Moda Burgo, Milano, Italy

DJing at Lautstark Academy Vienna, Austria

Actor's Workshop with Mark Westbrook of Actor's School Glasgow, Umbrella Studios London, UK

Schreibwerkstatt with Robert Schindel Horn, Austria

Make-up Artist SFX at International Make-up Cooperation, Waldshut, Germany 

now: Vegan Nutrionist Diploma at Center of Excellence Manchester, UK


Work experience: Call Center at Philips, Customer Services at National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism, Assistance for the Department of Talmud and Rabbinical Literature at University for Jewish Studies Heidelberg, Assistance for the New West Aramaic Dictionary and Textbook at Institute of Semitic Linguistics of the University Heidelberg, Organization of group events in Germany, Freelance at the Jewish Museum Vienna, Translation of movies into German, Teaching Dutch, Translation of the company's website into English, reception and costumer service at Schaller Lebensmitteltechnik, Freelance Artist with exhibitions in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Germany, organizing art saloons and cultural events;

right now: Co-founder of Content Creators

Language Skills:Modern: German (M), English (E), Dutch (E), Hebrew (C), French (P), Italian (P)
Classic: Latin, Old Hebrew (till Middle Ages, also MSS), Aramaic: Old Syriac, Jewish Babylonian & Palestinian Aramaic. [Hebrew and Aramaic also with linguistic analysis]

Fields of General Interest: Music, Film, Theater & Performing Arts, Dance, History of Art, Minority Groups, their Language, Culture & Political Situation; Animals Welfare, Wildlife Conservation, Veganism & it's impact on health & nature, Philosophy of Human-Animal-Relations, Modern Art:  Photography, Painting, Literature; History & Diversity of Halakha & its Interpretation, History & Connection of European Languages

Main fields of Academic Interest: Hebrew & Aramaic Linguistics, Jewish Philosophy & Kabbala, Neo-Aramaic Dialects & their History and Culture, Biblical Scholarship & Rabbinic Commentaries, Mathematical Mysticism & Number Mysticism

Others & literature
I do like to paint & draw, take pictures, design shoes, clothes and accessoires, write poems some of the latter were already published: First publishing of lyrics in the anthology “Neue Literatur – Anthologie im Frühjahr 2008”, August von Goethe – Publishing House, Frankfurt a.M., Germany; Publishing in „Jahrbuch für das Neue Gedicht“ of Frankfurter Bibliothek der Brentano-Gesellschaft, Frankfurt a.M. 2008, Publishing in „Tempevölgy: Kultúra – Művészet – Tudomány“, June 2009, Balatonfüred, Hungary (Hungarian Translation by  Géza Szőcs ), my own book 'Weder Ort, noch Stein', Berger Verlag Wien-Horn, 2011; and more in 'Bibliothek deutschsprachiger Gedichte - Ausgewählte Werke XV', Gräfling, 2012, and  'Frankfurter Bibliothek des zeitgenössoschen Gedichts', 





my full C.V. in English...
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