that's a new idea called dilettantism - started July 10th 2018 - because when you take life, others, politics, art, music, talking, eating, smoking or yourself too seriously you are in serious trouble, serious! boooh - the only way out is the Italian dilettare = to delight/rejoice in - what you do!! 

so I just draw/write what ever I like and don't give a damn if it's good (no need to cut photos - no complains)! Actually the plan is to draw really badly and really stupid things.

Day 1: still a bit serious.. each day should be better (in the sense of dilettare) and more and more crazy. That's the plan - or there's no plan. whatever 

days 2,3, 4 etc... I found out that it's not as easy as it looks (or seems) to be a dilettante.. the nonsense doesn't just pop up.. drawing shitty is an art in itself... 

but here you go  - voila! and during the World Finals I just drew some shit on a table pad the bar tender of my favorite pub gave me.. Monday I worked on music and when I tried to draw I couldn't.. just sit and smoke and look dilettantely into nothingness... 

I have to admit that the photos are very pale.. never mind.. just enjoy! 

summer time - my dilettantism lessened a bit,, the heat just cooked my brain and obviously those of others cause people started to piss me off.. but here I am! back again.. see what happened:   P.S. the slideshows can be stopped by clicking on the pic! And for the fun of it 4 texts in German - written in Horn at the seminary.. the topic was shiftiness/wickedness = BAD least for the first two texts.. the last one should have been a sonnet or a poem 


Nurit Schaller Die Spielerin.pdf
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die Fortsetzung zur 'Die Spielerin'
Nurit Schaller Die Spielerin 2.pdf
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Nurit Schaller Keine Gnade.pdf
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Nurit Schaller Sie - Er (Zu Keine Gnade)
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and just for a change a text in German - written in the evening with a beer in a pub in bella Vienna 25th of august 2018

und so weiter
the last sentence is written not in the file but right here *underneath!
und so weiter .docx
Microsoft Word Document 5.4 KB

 In der Zwischenzeit lausche ich. Meinem Atem, der Stille, dem Plätschern der Erinnerungen, meinem Lächeln und . Und so geht es dahin.  



Did you find the LINK to music?? Look closely! Love anyway


and here we go again! more drawings.. keeping busy as u can see .. I think I need a new camera.. I tried quite hard to take good pics but didnt manage.. sorry for that.. go, and ask to see them face to face! ahaha