I have a dream...

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A book on Israel.. 

I was in Israel - Dec-1st  2014 to Feb.17th 2015-  talking to 39 Israelis about their dreams, visions and hopes.. traveling around, back and forth... And now, I am back in Vienna, working to make a beautiful book out of all those great interviews I was lucky to experience!


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I have a Dream


This quotation is penned by Martin Luther King Jr., but fits beautifully to Theodor Herzl's 'If you want, it's not a dream1' – and indeed, 51 years after the first Zionist congress in Basel in 1897, his dream, his vision, became reality.


118 years later, 67 years after the foundation of Medinat Yisrael I ask 'What has become of this dream?'. A question which shall be fathomed by a journey of texts and images.


For this I interviewed 39 Israelis among them Jews and Arabs, young and old and I asked them 'What is your dream?' - and I got 39 completely different answers, some short, some elaborated. But everyone was longing for peace.



Now, in times of increasing terror and an exceptionally anti-Israeli media and mainstream, this book shows Israel and Israelis like it is and like they are: people under siege for 67 years, their right not only to live in peace denied, but also their right to simply be there on this tiny spot of earth - by most of their neighbors and the world at large. At the same time it unveils them as people who have managed to keep their humanitarianism and hopes for peace and peaceful coexistence intact. Additionally it reveals them as people who struggle with the everyday problems that are in fact caused by the conflict, they so long to solve, and by the increasing economical, social. scientific and artistic boycott of the Western World and the UN.



These interviews were recorded in December 2014 to mid February 2015. While most were lead in English the interviewees' conduct of the English language varied naturally and out of the 39 interviews four are translations from German, Hebrew and Dutch. Nevertheless it was of uttermost importance to me to maintain the authenticity of all colloquies which means that nothing was omitted, summarized or censored and I portray the atmosphere of the setting as well as of the dynamics of the conversations.


This book neither makes claims to completeness nor is it a historical sourcebook. It consists of what people told me, their opinions and ideas, their hopes and dreams, their sorrows and happiness.




1 Altneuland, 1902, in Hebrew Tel Aviv