Here you see what I play as a DJ - this of course is a small collection! ..and it keeps changing.. and there are also more relaxed songs, and if I see the crowd is open for cultural delicacies like Comedian Harmonists (mostly in Europe) I might put one song on too..

Josephine Baker
Josephine Baker


here are some mixes on mixcloud

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The most songs I cut and mix on Ableton Live myself


credit goes to the artists and theirs is the copyright.


As you see it is mainly Electro Swing mixed with everything else I like like Swing and Rap (and a lot of crazy stuff that is fun to dance to)  - cause I deeply believe that you should never only play one type of music but give people the pleasure of variety (it's just more interesting to dance to that than do just one set).

This is sophisticated DANCE MUSIC no background music for a bar. Make sure this is what you want before booking me.


To protect myself against unprofessional bar/club managers I only play for payment and if the event is announced in advance to attract guests who actually do want to dance to this music. Thanks for your understanding!